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Live Stream | None | 11 Oct
YouTube FanFest 2020

Live Stream

11 Oct
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BACK and bigger, bolder and best seen on a screen! YouTube FanFest is almost here and this year, you can watch it all from the comfort of your home!

Timings listed are in GMT+8

04:30 PM
Show Starts
Catch your favorite creators from Asia Pacific and around the world as we come together online for our first virtual YouTube FanFest show!
05:00 PM
Australia Show
Feat. Muselk, Lime Cordiale, THE NORRIS NUTS, How Ridiculous, Chloe Ting, & Mia Rodriguez
05:25 PM
Snack Attack: Part 1
Take a tasty tour with our gaming creators, Tannar Eacott, undergrounddv 達哥, MortaL, Jess No Limit, まぐにぃ, Alodia, 巧克力 and more as they taste test what fuels up their fellow gamers across Asia Pacific.
05:30 PM
Philippines Show
Feat. Ranz, Niana & Natalia, Ben&Ben, mimiyuuuh, Fumiya / FumiShun Base, SB19, Raiza Contawi, & AC Bonifacio
05:55 PM
FanFest #GetReadyWithMe
The ultimate #GetReadyWithMe routine feat. RickyKAZAF, Anaysa, あさぎーにょ, About RAF, Meg Lu, ICE PADIE, An Phương & more!
06:00 PM
Hong Kong Show
Feat. Dear Jane, Joyce 鄭欣宜, arhoTV, 微辣 Manner, & Pomato小薯茄.
06:25 PM
Snack Attack: Part 2
Reaction time! See how our gamers handle diverse flavors from Vietnam to Australia.
06:30 PM
Taiwan Show
Feat. Eric周興哲, Namewee 黃明志, 鍾明軒Mitchell, 黃氏兄弟, & 劉芒.
07:00 PM
Thailand Show
Feat. Ananped, Kyutae Oppa, MOJIKO, Bon Jakobsen, Bie The Ska, Tilly Birds, & Zom Marie.
07:30 PM
Vietnam Show
Feat. Giang Ơi, FAP TV & Hậu Hoàng.
07:40 PM
Snack Attack: Part 3
And the winning snack is...
07:45 PM
Indonesia Show
Feat. Andmesh, Atta Halilintar, Edho Zell, Marion Jola, Sara Wijayanto, SkinnyIndonesian24 & more!
08:30 PM
Japan Show
Feat. SixTONES, Snow Man, Reol, 東海オンエア, HIKAKIN, & more!
09:40 PM
Food Symphony
Get up close with Marion Grasby, Kabita Singh, Tanboy Kun, Mike Chen, はるあん, Chien-Chien, & more food creators to see how they found ways to keep us well fed and entertained in 2020.
09:45 PM
India Show
Feat. Amit Bhadana, MostlySane, Niharicka Singh, Prateek Kuhad, Slayy Point, Ranveer Allahbadia & more!
11:10 PM
FanFest Reacts: Best of Alex Wassabi and Merrell Twins
Take a walk down memory lane with Alex Wassabi & the Merrell Twins as they react to their favorite FanFest moments.
11:15 PM
Dance Movement
Move your feet and break out those dance moves with Matt Steffanina, Jayden Rodrigues, MJ5, AC Bonifacio & more in this EPIC dance collab. If you took part in the Dance Movement challenge, you might just see yourself on screen too!
11:20 PM
Finale Performances
Catch finale acts Emiway Bantai, Atta Halilintar, SixTONES, Eric 周興哲, Ranz, Niana & Natalia, and ITZY (있지) as they close out YouTube FanFest 2020!